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Project Description

The NNTPsharp project allows .NET and Mono developers to easily integrate NNTP support into their applications. This project has four components: NNTPSharpLib, NNTPSharpCLI, NNTPSharpGUI, and NNTPSharpGTK. It is developed in C#.Net, targeting Mono and .Net 2.0.

Project Components

  • NNTPSharpLib - The core library for NNTPSharp. It supports various NNTP functions such as:
    • Connecting to a server, with authentication
    • Retrieving available newsgroups
    • Retrieving articles from newsgroups, either the header, body, or both
    • Posting to a newsgroup
    • Using yEnc to decode binary messages, such as from the alt.binaries.* branch
  • NNTPSharpCLI(under construction) - A simple CLI application to demonstrate the features of NNTPSharpLib and can be integrated into other applications
  • NNTPSharpGUI(under construction) - A full-featured, WPF-based NNTP client.
  • NNTPSharpGTK(under construction) - A full-featured, GTK#-based NNTP client.

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